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Despite their increasing tendencies to go online to fulfill their shopping needs, customers still typically like to see the products that they’re buying or services that they’re securing in action before deciding to make a purchase. Unfortunately, the written word can only go so far in painting a visual picture for them to follow. It’s those sites that are able to show customers quality digital video content that consistently convert interest into sales. We here at News-Herald Media offer video advertising services that allow you develop that sort of content for your own site.

High-Quality and Affordable Video Services

Just as is the case with so many other aspects of life, customers value quality when it comes to the videos that they’re asked to view. Media software programs have made it possible for just about anyone to create a video and post it online. Yet it takes a skilled hand to know how to paint a new product or service in such a way as to make it appealing to customers. Once the video has been completed, those same hands are then able to format that content to be compatible with all varieties of video platforms.

We at News-Herald Media can offer you that level of expertise. We offer affordable video services that are guaranteed to result in professional-looking content ready to be shared with your targeted audience. Thanks to the high visibility that our videos provide, you sure to enjoy the following benefits:

A Better Way to Spread Your Message

Online videos have been proven to result in better brand awareness and customer conversion rates for those sites that utilize them as part of their marketing strategies. Beyond the obvious appeal that comes from the ability to present customers with both a written and a visual sales pitch, videos offer the added benefit in that they can be shared across multiple platforms, such as on websites and social media pages as well through email. This allows those customers who’ve already benefitted from your products or services to share your message to their friends and family through a medium that can appropriately show just what all the fuss is about.

What Are You Waiting For?

With our help, you and your company can enjoy the benefits of being both seen and heard. Your digital videos are sure to be among the top performers that you put to work as part of your online advertising campaign. We here at News-Herald Media measure our success when creating online videos in the increases that they produce in both traffic volumes and sales for your site.

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