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As more and more consumers have chosen to take their business online, tried and tested advertising methods have had to be modified or abandoned altogether as companies have struggled to keep content related to their products and services before customers’ eyes. Marketing to the masses simply doesn’t translate well to the virtual world. Online customers have come to expect a level of customization in advertising that calls directly to them to come visit a site to shop. Social media now provides the means for companies to do just that.

Strategic Partners in Social Media Marketing

Here at News-Herald Media, we’ve seen firsthand just how effective marketing through social media can be in developing levels of brand loyalty that few may have ever thought to be possible in a virtual marketplace. We know how to help you harness the power of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with your customers on an individual level. By using industry-leading social media targeting tools such as BLiNQ MEDIA, we’re able to help you create content that allows you to advertise your products and promotions to those participating on your social networks. We can also help you to leverage your sites on those networks into bringing in new customers through social media “word-of-mouth” as your current customers spread your message through their own individual networks.

A Whole New World of Hypermarketing

Targeting your marketing message to a particular customer base or demographic has been proven to result in higher customer conversion. Through social media, you’re able to take your targeted marketing efforts to a whole new level. Hypermarketing allows to you to direct targeted marketing content towards an even-more stratified audience within a particular network. Such efforts have shown to pay off through:

Market research has shown that customers value those companies that take the time to listen to their feedback and customize their services accordingly. Social media platforms allow for such feedback in near real-time. You and your organization can also use social media interactions to reach out to customers offering promotions when important annual events happen in their lives, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Here to Help You

Social media marketing offers you a wealth of professional growth opportunities through platforms free of membership fees and with a seemingly endless supply of potential customers. Through our collaborative efforts, your social media sites can turn into some of your most effective tools at bringing in new business. Let us here at News-Herald Media use our experience in speaking to a social media audience pay off for you and your company in a big way.

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