Research has shown that only 2% of customers will make a purchase through your website during their initial visit. This happens despite your best efforts to target your marketing message to them and reward their interest with a well-developed site that offers a pleasant viewing experience. Yet are the other 98% not buying because they simply don’t like what they see, or are they in fact-finding mode looking to find the absolute best deal? We here at News-Herald Media encourage you to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Persistence Often Pays Off

We recognize that today’s consumers are more informed than ever. The Internet has allowed them the chance to browse through the sites of multiple providers of the same products or services looking for either the lowest price, best service agreement, or whatever other buying feature appeals to them.

Yet what if we told you there was a way to follow your customers once they leave your site so that you can may continue to market yourself to them even while they’re perusing through other pages? That’s just what retargeting allows you to do. Remarketing strategies such as this are based upon the assumption that:

The process is simple: a browser cookie is dropped whenever a new visitor enters your site. That cookie allows us, as your service provider, to follow their movements once they’ve left your site, continually placing your ads before them so as to ensure that you remain fresh in their minds.

Helping You Bring Customers Back

The retargeting service that we offer here at News-Herald Media focuses on the following three points:

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Consumers work hard for their money, and thus they often require that you work equally as hard to get it from them. Retargeting allows you to present the image that you are indeed hard at work in winning their business. We can provide you with the tools and analysis that you need to ensure that your company’s message stays with customers right up until the point where they finally give in and return to you ready to make a purchase.

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