Reputation Management

Your company’s reputation may be your most important asset. It’s amazing how quickly that reputation can be sullied by just a few negative reviews. Those companies that see their reputations damaged by negative feedback fail to realize that they’re able to take ownership of the messages that are being said about them. A wise man once said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. We here at News-Herald Media can help you to see the truth behind that statement.

Recognizing Opportunities Through Feedback

The Internet has given customers the ideal location to share their true feelings in relative anonymity. Thus, the feedback that your customers are giving online may be a much better reflection of their true feelings than what they may have said to you in person. The increased connectivity that the web also allows for makes it easy for future customers to find that feedback and use it to formulate their opinions about you. Yet you don’t have to be a slave to what others are saying.

Both praise and criticism present you with opportunities to improve and enhance your reputation with your local customer base. When you accept praise humbly and offer recognition back to the customers who offered it to you, you help strengthen their loyalty to your brand. When you’re open in your response to criticism and show a willingness to alter certain aspects of your business model to account for it, you portray and image of being:

The public display of these attributes may just be enough to not only satisfy your current customers, but may also succeed in winning over new or disgruntled customers.

Proven Reputation Management Tools

These chances to control your reputation only come through knowing what’s being said about you. How are we able to show you? Simply by providing you with the tools that you need to help keep your ear to the ground. These include:

As always, all of our collective efforts are tracked using the most advanced analytical tools to help ensure that the work being put forth to help take ownership of your company’s reputation is effective.

Working Together to Help You

You can either see your company’s reputation drag you down like an albatross across your neck, or see it buoy you up to even greater levels of respectability and profitability. It all comes from your decision to be proactive or reactive to your customers’ feedback. We here at News-Herald Media firmly believe that with every comment or criticism comes the opportunity to learn and grow.

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