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These days, more and more people are doing a majority of their online interactions via mobile devices. Recent studies of worldwide electronics sales of devices with online connectivity have shown that’s sales of smartphones and tablets have been going up, while the sales of laptop and desktop computers have been in a steady decline. You can view this information in one of two ways: either fewer and fewer online customers are viewing your digital marketing content from their home computers, or a whole new mobile web audience is out there just waiting for you to connect with them. You can probably guess which point of view we here at News-Herald Media endorse.

Catching Up with Customers On the Go?

Mobile ads and displays that are viewable on any smart device have been proven to have the potential to increase your brand awareness by up to 43%. People tend to pass the time during those down moments at the doctor’s office or on the train by pulling out their smart devices and surfing the web. With our help, you can reach that particular audience. A mobile site can greatly enhance your e- commerce, while apps designed for smartphones and tablets help make the customer experience that much better. The ability for customers to view this content while on the go has been proven to help companies increase their online and in-store traffic volumes while also offering them better brand visibility and reinforcement of their market-wide advertising efforts.

Masterful Mobile Web Design

We at News-Herald Media have helped countless past clients develop content that’s scalable to any mobile environment, and we’re excited at the prospect of doing the same for you. We’ve been able to create such outstanding mobile display content thanks to our commitment to the following service aspects:

By focusing on the aforementioned principles and combining them with our intimate knowledge of marketing strategies and consumer tendencies, we’re able to deliver you content that’s virtually guaranteed to meet and exceed your mobile marketing needs.

Making Your Company’s Message Mobile

The key to keeping up with today’s fast-moving customers is to take your content to where they are. This can be easily done by transitioning your current digital advertising to the mobile web world. Such a task shouldn’t be trusted to any old service provider. We here at News-Herald Media have the tools and the skills to see that this transition is done seamlessly.

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