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One of the ongoing tasks that’s required in order to maintain an effective online marketing campaign is to constantly collect information from your customers in order to personalize your marketing messages to them. Yet the compiling of a vast customer database offers benefits beyond simply getting to know your clientele; it also gives you the chance to stay in constant contact with them through email. This is often hard for many to believe, but one of the digital marketing methods proven to have the highest ROI is through regular old email. Yet just because email communication is so simple doesn’t mean that any email marketing campaign is guaranteed to find success. For that, you need the support of a marketing partner who knows how to leverage the intricacies of email. We here at News-Herald Media are such a partner.

Our Email Marketing Service

Using email as a marketing tool requires more than just a customer database full of email addresses. We know what sort of content the customers who make up your database want to see in order to get them to come back to your site or store, as well as what sort of message potential customers won’t immediately dismiss from the preview pane. Our email marketing efforts include the following services:

How Can Email Work for You?

Customers enjoy feeling like they’re more than just another mark on a company’s financial ledger. When you choose to reach out to them through email, you’re showing a level of dedication to customer service that could potentially be rewarded with:

Focusing on e-mail marketing also allows you to dedicate more of your time and effort into spreading the message of your company and its products and services to an audience that’s either already worked with you or has expressed interest in doing so. Why waste time and effort on other strategies that involve more guesswork and estimation?

Let Us Help Email Work for You

Effect digital marketing isn’t achieved only through the use of complex marketing strategies such as SEO or paid search. Using simple, wide-available tools such as social media sites and email can be equally as effective at attracting new customers to your sites and ensuring that your current customers remain loyal to your brand. We here that News-Herald Media can help you realize the potential of these tools.

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